Saturday, May 2, 2009

First Blog

Okay, I know there are a million of these blogs already, but one more can't hurt.
Everyone wants to know the easiest way to make money online, and fast. But, unfortunately, as everyone will tell you, it's not easy to find good sites that pay well, at low payouts, and are legitimate.

First, I will name all of the different types of sites that I personally use. I know that there are other types of sites, but I have not personally come across one that I would really be interested in.

I started doing these online money making sites at the beginning of the year, and it was the first time that I had really looked into them and started doing them daily, so please excuse me if I sound a little too amateur for your liking. Like I said, if you don't particularly enjoy this blog, there are a million others to choose from. : )

So, back to the point. The sites that I do currently are:
  • PTC - Paid To Click
  • Survey
  • PTR - Paid To Read
  • PTP - Paid To Play
  • A mixture of all 4
When I first started I only did survey sites, and that is probably the best way to start out until you can really grasp how to choose the legitimate sites from the scams, or just plain useless. The survey sites I currently am registered to are:
  • InboxDollars, SendEarnings - They are owned by the same people so, I generally view them as one. They pay you $.50 for each survey you complete, $.02 for each e-mail you read, and apparently you can play games on there, but either my internet doesn't work with it or I'm just ignorant and can't figure it out. .. And before I'm left a bunch of comments about how to make it work. I don't care. I don't need to get it to work. I spend too much time doing this online stuff anyway. They pay you through a check (but I've seen a few people say paypal, but cannot personally say that that's true) after you reach $30, which is a bit ridiculous seeing as I rarely do the surveys and $.02 does not add up all that quickly & they take out a large enough hunk of money for it to be completely not worth it. But they do send quite a few e-mails a day, so that's a plus!
So far, I have only gotten to around $15 on each, with my main focus on SendEarnings, so it's a rather slow build up, but hey, free easy money, is still money.
  • RewardPort - It's also a survey site and paid e-mail site, but it's main focus is on shopping, which is fine and all, but most people don't shop all that often - at least I don't, nor see the need to, but if you do! The major downfall to this site is that it pays you in gift certificates and crap, but if you'd rather do that, go for it.
I have 3,600 points and it takes about 4,500 to get a $10-$15 product, so basically when I reach that, I'm out. It's not enough of doing nothing for me to stay on.
  • Memolink - Oh, good old Memolink. I have a soft spot for Memo for some reason even though it's really not that great. It takes 19,200 points to get a measly $10, and trust me, the points do not add up quickly, but for some reason, I go back everyday and make sure I get as many points as possible. .. Which is about 50. But, if you can qualify and complete the major surveys you get 600 -720 points from each, which adds up quickly, but qualifying is not something that tends to go over too well for most.
&I have made 11,150 points, which I am proud of, thank you very much. : )
  • MySurvey - I have heard a lot of good about this site, but really, I have not had much luck with it. They are supposed to send out surveys frequently, but I rarely get surveys. But, their surveys are not the qualifying type and you generally recieve a decent amount of points for each, I just am one of those unlucky ones who never recieves the offers. : ( But, like everyone else, you will probably have success.
  • YourFreeSurveys - My absolutely favorite of all of the survey sites that I do. It offers $.90 & $1.05 for daily surveys and they have other simple surveys to complete. It's great. I'd have already hit the $30 payout if I made sure I did the daily surveys, but really, sometimes I must admit the surveys are realllllly annoying (this goes for all of the sites, not just this one). Love it, love it, love it. My most recomended.

Okay, I know it may seem like I am really not happy with any of those sites, but I am. It's where I've spent most of my time in the past few months, I've just recently stumbled upon bigger and better (and lazier!) sites. PTC are heaven sent. I don't get why people pay you for just mindlessly clicking this crap, but god bless them.
  • - One of the better PTC sites I use currently, they pay you $.01 for a 30 second ad, which is amazing considering most PTC sites pay a fraction of a cent for each ad. It's glorious. The only thing I'm not too thrilled about is that they pay through AlertPay, which I just don't know enough about to like the idea.
  • YouData - I think this site looks promising, mainly because I registered last night and I already have $2.53 in my paypal account. .. Anything that I get paid for that quickly without even requesting it? I love them.
  • BombLogic - Another really good one that pays $.01 instead of fractions.
These next few are pretty much all one in the same, they pay you fractions of cents to view the ads, but they all give you a pretty decent amount to view, so it's not a complete waste of time. They also pay you to read ads, which generally pay more, but are few and far between & they pay you to sign up for things, but my e-mail is obnoxious to go through as it is so I don't generally utilize this option. Ha, and they also have these good old click exchange things, but don't worry, I have absolutely no idea what they are for yet. Anyone? : ) It also helps if you have referrals, like all of these sites, but I really don't have means of getting insane amounts of referrals. So, I fail in that department.
Side note: My favorite part of these is that most of the ads are for each other, but there's this one PTC site that's porn oriented somehow. I started laughing, but I figured I was clicking on enough junk food for my computer and that I would just laugh at it instead of seeing if it were really a PTC site. Just with boobies on it. Hahha, oh men.

Now, these last few sites I'm going to list go in the miscellaneous category.

  • I-won - It's not really something that you get paid for like the afformentioned, but you play games that most people play online anyway and get chances to win sweepstakes and other things, so if you're going to play them anyway, you might as well get a fractional chance of actually winning something. &If you sign up for a team, sign up for WWF. <3animals.
  • Winster - Ha, I love Winnie Winster she makes the best faces, you play different games (I mainly play slots) and once you get enough points you exchange it for a gift certificate of some sort. I know, not actual money, but if you have nothing better to do, mindlessly play some sort of game when you get bored of clicking. It's a lot more fun than you'd think.
  • QuickRewards - This one is mainly a PTC site, but it's simple and easy to use. You get paid in either quick points, which are just fractions of a cent and once you reach 100 qp you get $.01, and tokens, which are just pretty much useless because you use them to purchase junk. I mean, unless you like the junk, then it's useful and really cool items.
  • GomezPeerZone - Wow, gomez, it's a weird one certainly. You get paid to have the 'peer' open on your computer while it's connected to the internet, which makes it the simplest site on here, but it's still an odd concept and most would find it intrusive and all big brother, but that's fine, don't use it then.
  • Yuwie - Yuwie makes me laugh because it's a social networking site that pays you to use it. Pretty much for anything you do you get a certain amount for it. It's a pretty cool concept I guess, I just don't see why it was deemed necessary.
So, that concludes my first post, I will periodically check in and update which sites are going in the garbage and which ones get me big bucks. Any comments are welcome other than those on my sarcastic negative tone. I've heard it all my life, this is how I speak in real life, my mother informs me enough that I am too negative so I certainly don't need it from a stranger. Thanks. : )
But really, anything on big money sites, anything I may have messed up on, anything you would like for me to elaborate on or condense on in the future, let me know!

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yanji said...

Good luck with the blog. I just followed you as yanjiaren/jenai and you will see from my blog too I am a clicks addict. i have a plan to make over 500 bucks monthly from clicking. I will write about it tomorrow and see if it is gonna work. Well so far this month I have had great results and more than doubled my expectations so if I keep at it I am sure I can do it. God bless and hope to hear from you.