Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Comments, Questions, Concerns.

So, I would love some feedback from the people viewing my site. Everyone is allowed to comment (and view) my website, so it would be immensely helpful if I could start getting user feedback.

Also, just want to promote your blog to get more recognition? I'm here for that too. We can exchange blog links.

Linkbee, Linkbucks (I think it's called) or any other site like that I would gladly accept the url's and view them frequently to help you out if you do the same.

Really, I'm just trying to make money using other resources, and promoting them and making more money using this one. (Thanks bud. : ) )

Thanks all,



job said...

nice post

Daisy said...

Hi! Saw you through EasyHits and I'd like to invite you to my blog. And if you like you can follow me and I will follow you too! Plus you get a bonus of a linky love in a post!

srimal said...

Hey! my friend don't ask to others to click your adsense ads. That's against adsense terms and conditions. Careful they will ban your account. Remove that word from your blog. you have nice blog.

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Daisy said...

Followed you now too :-)

Dave said...

Hi! visited your site via EasyHits and I'd like to invite you to my blog. And if you like you can follow me and I will follow you too! www.gener8wealth.co.uk and my FREE Affiliate Social Network http://gener8wealth.ning.com

PS. Advertising sites with Adsense on them via Traffic Exchanges is against Googles terms. Be careful because if they terminate your account you can't get it back! All the best! Dave

iklan-lowongan-kerja.co.cc said...

Hi Olivia,

It's great to find your site here. Wish you a great fun hunting money on the Internet!

Bilal Ahmad said...

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jelajah said...

Hi, why don't you create a dotcom? Could you do some programming? Can I find you on facebook? Btw, you can not ask people to click on your google ads.

Just blogging said...

Hi Olivia, Like the blog, some really good links, I don't do surveys - good money too. There are some really grat earners on my blog too. I have been with them a couple of years now. Feel free to join. I am looking for 1 more good earner. !0 - 12 cents a day would be great,. This is a hobby. Swop a link with you? Also have url http://imprez.co.uk
Jol (Tags)

yanji said...

Great we can help each other. I am game for a link exchange and I will follow you too. I found you in the downline refs clicks page I think. Also I know another site you will like it's trafficnowfire. I am a promember there and not only am I in profit but I have had loads of page views and referrals for my blogs and sites thrown in. If you want to join let me know..God bless,
btw I am running a blog contest if you subscribe and comment you could win ten bucks this month.It's my first contest.
The url is my bsiness page on my blog, you might find it interesting..we can partner and help each other.

Vivienna said...

Hi all friend here, i am just created my blog on money online too, i attended the bloging course and hope to share the common interest with everybody here too. Cheers.


Just blogging said...

Hi! Vivienna, Thanks for your comment! My other website http://fractalrunner.com has just 3 or 4 sites that are paying well. Amity-Cash at the moment does not seem to have many adverts. Strawberry and Dolphin have 54 and 34 clicks on them(Every Day). Use the new inbox - No message tab - Straight into the adverts. The more you click the more you get.


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